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For Members:

CLICK HERE for list of charter members. Call someone in your region to learn more about AREBA and how membership can support your business growth through innovation and networking.


The American Real Estate Broker Alliance, AREBA, is a real estate alliance whose endeavor is to secure greater representation for innovative real estate service providers in the real estate industry on regulatory and government issues related to consumer choice.

Through the strength of our collective voice we promote consumer rights and innovative competition in the free market place through unbundling of services, fee-for-service, flat-fee, rebates, exclusive buyer and seller representation, and discount brokerage models.

Member Education

AREBA members represent a broad mix of practitioners working within the real estate industry to bring more consumer choice to the home buying and selling marketplace.

Our goal is to empower members through educational tools and programs that teach them how to create, maintain, and grow marketplace options for home buyers and sellers. This includes conferences, seminars and online forums delivered by recognized experts in their fields, and a host of tools intended to help members run sound, prosperous businesses.

Networking Opportunities

Powerful things happen whenever like-minded people come together. AREBA national conferences, seminars and the online forum promote the exchange of ideas, experiences, referrals and shared challenges.

Our members agree that this connection with other alliance members is an invaluable benefit to them and a vital part of their professional network.