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Consumer Advocacy:

If you are a real estate consumer who believes in the mission of the American Real Estate Broker Alliance of protecting consumers’ options to select from a full range of real estate services and providers and to receive full disclosure and informed consent for all real estate services, we could use your support!

Here are some actions you can take, as a consumer, to preserve your right to a full range of real estate services:

  • Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper in opposition to proposed legislation for minimum service standards or anti-rebate proposals.

  • Call radio talk shows and post on Internet "blogs" to register your concerns about any proposed legislation about minimum service standards, restricted access to real estate listings data, or anti-rebate legislation.

  • Call and write to your State Legislators in support of the free market and competition for consumers in the marketplace.

  • Report unethical real estate behavior to real estate boards/commission if you are buying or selling.

  • Spread the word to friends and family about consumer choices today in the selection of real estate services and providers. 

  • Use the Internet to learn more about real estate practices to become empowered for your real estate transaction and to have more control of the process.

Member Referral Directory:

If you are a real estate consumer looking for an alternative real estate broker to assist you in your home sale or purchase, use the Member Directory to find a practitioner in your state.