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May 16, 2007 Washington, DC. Plant The Seeds for a Secure Future.

Washington Hilton Hotel, 5 PM

(in conjunction with the National Association of REALTORS® Midyear Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo)

Planning to Attend: Albert Hepp, Gary Ragusa, Pat Rioux, Derek Eisenberg, Jude Smith


NAR Conference and EXPO November 13-16, 2007
Las Vegas

The American Real Estate Broker Alliance, AREBA, monitors real estate trends and innovation, state & national issues and legislation related to real estate business models, competition and the interests of home buyers & sellers who work with real estate brokers and real estate service providers.

Some of the current issues of interest are:

Mandated Minimum Services: Some state real estate associations and commissions have sponsored regulations that require all real estate brokers to provide a minimum level of services, forcing sellers to buy services they do not need or want. Such legislation forces flat-fee and other alternative brokers to raise fees to provide the broader range of services.
AREBA is in favor of letting the consumer choose what he needs from a service provider who gives full disclosure to consumers and obtains their written informed consent.

Rebates: Most states allow rebates of commissions or fees on real estate transactions but some states have existing regulations which prohibit rebates and some states have proposed new regulations. The Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission have threatened lawsuits and that has resulted in some states removing the regulations against rebates. AREBA is in full support of rebates for consumers with full disclosure and written informed consent.

Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Access:

Composition of Real Estate Boards and Commissions: The Consumer Federation of America released a study in 2006 that revealed that real estate boards and commissions are dominated by real estate practitioners and they recommended greater participation by consumers. AREBA is in support of more consumer participation as well as more enrollment of non-traditional real estate service providers to reflect the changing industry practices.


AREBA Charter Meeting

May 15, 2006 2 5 pm, AMA Executive Conference Center, Washington, DC 20001

(Photo) Jude Smith, Pat Rioux and Albert Hepp in Washington, DC for Charter Meeting