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News: FTC Charges Real Estate Groups with Anti competitive Conduct in Limiting Consumers' Choice in Real Estate Services Hyperlink

Past Event: AREBA member Aaron Farmer provides testimony to the US DOJ & Federal Trade Commission, Washington DC.


" Let the consumer choose from the full
range of real estate service options."

A turning point has been reached in the real estate industry in regards to consumer empowerment and choice regarding the desired level of service.

Flat-fee, fixed-fee, fee-for-service, limited service, a la carte, discount, rebate and so on are terms we now see every day across the nation as innovative business models describe their services and change the face of real estate.

Innovators challenge us to look at the industry with an eye toward improving access to data, reducing cost and making the home buying and selling processes more efficient.

Review Talking Points to see what is on the minds of today's real estate innovators. Check the Current News page to find what the media is writing about the paradigm shift as it effects today's real estate consumers.

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